Teens Torah & Tacos

Special Challah edition

Thursday, February 16 - 6:45pm

@Chabad of Encino

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NEW!!! JLI Teens Course 

'Complicated Me'

Session#3 Continues Wednesday February 15th

7:30 pm

@Chabad of Encino





Face your demons head-on as you get a true-to-life snapshot of what's lurking beneath your mask.

You won't get all the answers. But you will get to discuss fascinating theories and case studies in psychology along with powerful Jewish insights to help figure yourself out, for yourself. Explore who you are, who you're not, and who you can become in Complicated Me, a new four-session series for teens from the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute.

Join Us

Wednesday February 15 - 7:30pm, at Chabad of Encino


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